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Glas-Tech 9000 is a trade-marked product that has a proven track record, with over 30 years and 3 million successful applications nationwide. This is the leading and most experienced application process in the field of bathroom refinishing. Our technicians are highly trained and take great pride in their work. We rely on your satisfaction!

Bathtub Repair
If there are cracks, holes, scratches and chips in your fiberglass/acrylic bathtub or shower, it can be repaired. Most repairs can be completed within three hours and the tub/shower can be used immediately. We can actually repair or refinish these surfaces without the need for removing the existing unit.

Bathtub Delamination
A delamination is a weak floor in a fiberglass bathtub or shower caused by a lack of or failed support of the unit floor. The damage can be fixed without removing the tub or shower. The floor has a bounce or a give, it may feel squishy. A crack on the bottom of the unit that you do not know how it got there is a key indicator of a delamination problem. To repair, we drill multiple holes in the bottom of the unit, then inject a two part foam to give the unit support from beneath the unit. We then apply a whole new bottom to the bathtub by using fiberglass panel, resin, and rolled gelcoat to repair and support the cracked bottom. The entire process is done in one day and the tub/shower can be used the following day.
Bathtub and Tile Reglazing or Resurfacing
Reglazing may be one of the most economical and efficient ways to revitalize your bathroom. Stained, chipped, and hard to keep clean bathroom fixtures (tub and tile) appear unsightly and unhealthy. Refinishing your bathroom fixtures will give them a smooth, glossy finish within a matter of hours. The non-porous finish actually meets and exceeds the original manufacturer's specifications for stain and acid resistance. The secret lies in the ability of the compounds to fuse themselves into the original surface through a molecular bonding action. The new finish becomes a permanent part of the existing fixture.
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